An alternative BEAM implementation, designed for WebAssembly

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11 November 2020

Weekly update up to 2020-11-11


Not much changed in terms of code pushed to GitHub this week, other than updating our LLVM repo to pick up a large swath of recent changes. Those changes will be released as part of an overall Lumen release in the next week or so, we’re waiting on a couple other things before doing so: nightly Rust picking up the ability to parameterize standard library types with an allocator, and a set of changes by Paul to move a bunch of our C++ code into Rust now that there is enough FFI support to do most common actions in MLIR without needing to write C++ bindings.


Repo: lumen/lumen

Repo: lumen/llvm-project

Commits are omitted here, since the only commits made by us were rebased on top of the latest LLVM master, and are not new.