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3 September 2020

First release @ ElixirConf 2020


Luke Imhoff spoke remotely to the very virtual ElixirConf and updated the community on the progress of the project along with giving an overview of what it is and does. The video from this talk will be added to this post when it becomes available to the general public. If you attended ElixirConf you can get the video from the conference event site.

As part of the presentation we also unveiled the first packaged up release of Lumen. This is a very early release but it can compile Erlang to static x86 binaries. You can find the latest Lumen releases on GitHub. Windows releases are coming but might be there at this stage.

Fair warning: Lumen is still an early project, plenty of things are in flux. Some things are broken. If you try it and experience issues, please report them in the Lumen GitHub repo.